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MLA Views

The MLA is acutely aware of the current and ongoing challenges surrounding mainland parking and docking for water access only properties throughout all of Muskoka. The MLA is working to maintain an ongoing dialogue with local municipalities as potential solutions are developed, and will keep you advised.

We also will keep you abreast of the changing landscape for mainland parking and docking requirements being considered by local municipalities for the creation of new water access only lots, such as deeded mainland access, long term lease arrangements with marinas, private easements with mainland owners, and parking “co-op” developments to name a few.

MLA Submissions

MLA Letter October 12, 2021 re Walkers' Point and Beaumaris

MLA Letter November 27, 2020 re Parking/Docking for New Water Access Properties 

White Paper Submitted to TML on November 16, 2020 by Christopher Morgan re Marina Letters

Municipal Information 

TML Staff Report re Off Street Parking Facilities October 13, 2021

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