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Cherokee Lane - also referred to as 'The Starboard' - is a proposed 7 storey mixed-use condominium project by Rosseau Development Corp. (RDC) to be located on #195 – 205 Cherokee Lane, Gravenhurst, ON.  The property, located beside the Muskoka Steamships mooring dock, is 4.9 acres (1.19 ha) in size with 186 feet (56.65 m) of waterfront.  The project includes a 2 storey,  52.5 foot tall boathouse complex, equivalent in height to 4 storeys. The boathouse complex is constructed 630 feet out over the lake, with 55 boat slips below, and retail stores and a restaurant above. 

The MLA's position, which we communicated to Gravenhurst Council in November 2021, is that the proposed development:

1.     Does not compliment, support or enhance the original objectives of the Muskoka Wharf development.

2.     Does not comply with the recent Muskoka Wharf Revitalisation Plan.

3.     Detracts from, not enhances, the most significant symbol and major attraction of Muskoka, the historical Steamship operations.

4.     Urbanizes or obliterates the last natural shoreline in the bay.

5.     Creates additional boat traffic in an already dangerous bay.

6.     Does not have realistic plans for parking, or viability of commercial units.

7.     Does not enhance or protect the natural environment or character of Muskoka.

This same developer is responsible for the Legacy Cottages development on Lake Rosseau that was opposed by the MLA.


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