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The Muskoka Lakes Association is a volunteer membership-based organization advocating for responsible stewardship and enjoyment of the unique environment of the Muskoka Lakes.

Our priorities are to:

  • Monitor, communicate and advocate for Muskoka’s natural environment;
  • Advocate on behalf of all Muskoka property owners for responsible land use and reasonable taxation;
  • Promote the Muskoka Lakes culture and give back to the greater Muskoka community; and
  • Increase partnerships with like-minded organizations throughout Muskoka to advocate and educate collectively on important Muskoka matters.

The fun side of cottaging

Serious issues are important, but let’s face it, a trip to the cottage is all about having fun with family and friends.  That’s why the MLA supports, funds or operates a variety of cottage-focused events, including our annual aquatic regatta, sailing regattas, a winter curling bonspiel and seedling day. We also host a bi-annual antique boat show, produce an annual, high quality yearbook, and keep our members up-to-date on Muskoka happenings with a regular newsletter.

Recent actions on your behalf:

In response to your concerns about large wakes and shoreline protection, we launched a Speed/Radar sign program to educate boaters about their speed vs. the 9km speed limit when traveling within 30 meters of shore. We collected water samples from and monitored 175 sites in Muskoka for clarity, phosphorus, eColi, dissolved organic carbon and calcium. Read more about our actions here.

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