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Waterways are "shared space". Everyone deserves to have a great day by the water. 

No one - on shore, in the water or in another boat - should ever feel unsafe. 


  • Canadian law makes you liable for any and all damage caused by your wake- mind your wake!
  • Check out this video on wake safety and courtesy 
  • Keep lots of space from shore, other boats and swim areas
  • Enjoy wake surfing, wake boarding and "PWC tricks" away from shore out in open water
  • Reduce the volume so that you share your music with only those on board - sound actually amplifies over water
  • Do you have "Captain's Choice" to bypass your muffler? If so, don't "flick the switch". It's illegal in Muskoka
  • See someone in distress? Stop. Help out. It's the law. 
  • Take this 19 minute E-Learning course on Boating Safety, Courtesy and the Law 

Enjoy your day on the lake! Make sure everyone does.  

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