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2020 MLA Virtual Aquatic Regatta

We had to cancel our in person event, so we’ve gone virtual!

We will be introducing FOUR WEEKS of Regatta challenges leading up to the Civic long weekend. Challenges that you or your family members can do on your own dock! Stay tuned for the Challenges and video tutorials. We will list them here each Friday of July along with posting them on Instagram and Facebook.

*Please Note: These are suggestions of possible activities but we are not warranting that these activities meet the public health guidelines. Anyone undertaking such activities must adhere to all social distancing requirements and ensure that the number of people and their relationships to each other are compliant with all public health restrictions.

Challenge #1: Life Jacket Challenge

Challenge #2: Upside Down Boat Challenge

Challenge #3: Stay Afloat, Not in a Boat Challenge

Challenge #4: Dunk Challenge

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