123rd Aquatic Regatta

The Annual MLA Regatta, the oldest continuously run co-ed regatta in North America, maintains a tradition of family, fun, and aquatic competition on the Saturday of the Civic Holiday weekend.

Despite years with steady or occasional downpours the regatta always has a great turn out. The regatta is a wonderful way for families to participate together in rowing, paddling, tilting, and swimming events.

Even more family fun challenges are available including many three generation races, where three members of a family of a different generation get together in swimming teams or canoes to compete. It's wonderful to see whole families, young and old, participate together and demonstrate their aquatic skills.

After the canoe, skiff and swimming races come to an end, the tilting begins. Sixteen teams of a paddler and tilter enter the challenge based on first come first serve, and the challenge to stay in their canoes begins. Due to its widespread popularity the tilting keeps growing, becoming a large participant, as well as spectator event.

The regatta wouldn’t be possible without the generous hospitality of the Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club on Lake Rosseau, the generous sponsors, and the many volunteers.

Thanks to the assistance of all of the staff at the club, and the use of the wonderful facilities,

Last, but certainly not least, to the many individuals who donate time to plan, lend a hand on the day, and donate materials to make the day a huge success.

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