Let's all wave the MLA flag!

Whenever we head out onto the lake, we marvel at all the different flags people proudly fly on their flagpoles whether they be on docks, boathouses or decks. So many different designs, family crests and fun flags that have been waving in the warm summer winds of Muskoka for years.  These flags likely all have different meanings, represent the love of a place and likely have a great story behind them.  At our cottage, we fly the Canadian flag and at times the Texas flag to celebrate our family who visit from their home in Texas, notably called ‘Muskoka South’.

If you look back one or two generations, Muskoka cottagers also flew the MLA flag and they did it with pride.  My grandfather proudly displayed his MLA burgee on his boat along with the MLA sticker on the windshield.  I was taught that this meant the lakes were protected by the MLA members – it showed me the community of the lakes that the MLA helped to build.

We are lucky to have many new people on our lakes who have fallen in love with Muskoka just as our previous generations did all those years ago, and its still our responsibility to continue to build our community. 

We are bringing that pride to the shorelines that we love and cherish by offering the MLA flag starting this Summer.  We’d love to see every cottage fly one!

So order yours today and when someone asks about the MLA flag - and what it means - tell them that you are proud to be a Muskoka cottager as well as an MLA member. Also tell them about some of the great MLA programs such as the Water Quality Initiative who’s volunteers work tirelessly to monitor and protect our lake health for all of us to enjoy.  Share with the generation of today what was built by the generations of yesterday and will continue on for many years to come.

Wave an MLA flag, because it means something to all of us!  We look forward to sharing a story or two with you on our next evening cruise.

Jennifer & Michael Bidwell

36" x 60" flags are available for purchase for $30 plus tax through the MLA office at info@mla.on.ca or by calling 705-765-5723