Water Quality Initiative Update

Water Quality Initiative Update


The WQP members send New Year’s greetings to our membership and we look forward to seeing many of you as the summer season approaches. We have reviewed the 2009 WQI Reports from RiverStone Environmental Solutions. These reports will be available on the MLA WEB site in late February. Overall the lakes are in good to excellent condition. There are areas that would benefit from increased vigilance and we are planning to assist Mother Nature by increasing our Stewardship activities.


The Volunteer Training sessions will take place in Rosseau on May 15th and in Port Carling on May 22nd. Each session will be comprised of five components.

  1. Review of the MLA WQI sampling program.
  2. Training in the collection of samples and a demonstration on reading certain test results and appropriate documentation.
  3. Bev Wicks of RiverStone Environmental Services will review the 2009 WQI Reports.
  4. Distribution of all sampling equipment.
  5. Make a 15 minute appointment to speak with a WQP member to review your specific concerns or to discuss Stewardship activities for your area. Please call the MLA office for an appointment which will follow the training sessions.  


Each year we learn something new from the science, the District and our reports so in conducting our annual review of the WQI we have determined that a few changes are necessary. It is a costly program and therefore very important that we all follow the same protocols so that the final results have meaningful values.


This year all volunteers will be required to attend one of the May training sessions. If you are not available please send a committed person in your place. Equipment will only be distributed to those volunteers who attend a 2010 training session.


Over the last several months The Stewardship Initiative has had much input and we can now offer an educational Power Point Presentation to any group who is interested in becoming involved. The MLA will provide a knowledgeable individual to attend a meeting at a location of your choice to assist you in developing a Stewardship Plan for your area. We are very committed to doing this and welcome any inquires about this program. We will attend your AGM or a coffee social of interested neighbours. Just call the MLA office for an appointment.


Thank you for your interest in the MLA Water Quality Initiative. We want future generations to be proud of our efforts and commitment.