Water Quality Initiative Report November 2009

This update from the Water Quality Portfolio must begin with a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of the dedicated volunteers. There were 1234 samples collected this season. The volunteers had a myriad of duties from collecting the samples, incubating them, reading coliform and E.Coli results, and/or transporting the samples to be tested for Phosphorous to Port Carling and then to The Dorset Environmental Centre.


This is a good time to mention the importance of your MLA membership as each test has a significant cost associated with it. The average cost is approximately $40.00 per test taking into consideration all that occurs from start to finish.


The WQI is possible because of your membership fees and the generous donation of time and resources from the volunteers. Please remember to show your appreciation to your area volunteer when you see him or her.


The MLA has also been working with guidance and advice from RiverStone Environmental Solutions. We expect to receive their final conclusions and recommendations in December. Evaluation of spring turnover results indicates that some areas continue to be over-threshold for Phosphorous concentration. Increased levels of E.Coli were evident especially where shorelines had open areas of grass. The Canada Geese have a noticeable fondness for the lawn that extends to the shoreline. This, of course, is another good reason to have the shoreline buffered with natural vegetation. Call the MLA office for the new brochure on what to plant to assist with the protection of the lakes.


The Stewardship Program has become stronger and more focused each year with several groups working on projects to increase their stewardship of the lakes. Consider a stewardship action plan for your community - contact the MLA office for more details.


Planning is underway for the 2010 season. The volunteer training sessions will be held on May 15th in Rosseau and May 22nd in Port Carling (the same day as the MLA Seedling Day). The results from 2009 along with the recommendations and actions taken, will be presented following each session. In the interim we will notify you as soon as the results and final report are available at www.mla.on.ca. 


Hope you’ll participate!

We're anxious to share more about what we've learned with you. Next summer, consider requesting a short presentation from us for your local association's AGM, or even a small social gathering at your home - think morning coffee social for your neighbours!


Thank you for caring!

Eleanor Lewis