Visual Heritage

The Muskoka Heritage Foundation is leading a project to document visually the heritage and history of Muskoka. The project will take 2 years and will result in a feature length multimedia DVD that will be widely available and of particular interest and use in schools, museums and tourist facilities. It will cover a wide variety of areas and use historic video footage, re-enactments, interviews and storytelling.

The MLA is a partner in this project as our association dates back 112 years. Aquatic and sailing regattas and antique boat shows have been an integral part of the history of Muskoka as our association has hosted aquatic regattas for over 100 years.

We have told the project coordinators that the MLA would be happy to share any archival material and stories. If you or anyone you know has a wonderful story to tell, video footage or suggestions, please contact either the MLA Office or Freda Finley at 416-489-1036 or
For further information, you can visit the Visual Heritage web site at