Vacancies on Township of Muskoka Lakes Council

Vacancies on the Township of Muskoka Lakes Council


It is with sadness that two vacancies have been declared on the Township of Muskoka Lakes Council.

On September 5, 2009 Councillor Stewart Martin passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. Councillor Martin served on TML Council as Ward C representative from 1985-1988 and as District Councillor for Ward C from 2000 until his passing. He held many leadership positions including Deputy Mayor, Chair of the Management and Services Committee, Chair of the Public Advisory Committee for the Muskoka River Water Management Plan, and Chair of the District of Muskoka’s Airport Committee.  The MLA will miss Councillor Martin’s  experience and knowledge. An avid boater, Councillor Martin worked with the MLA when the Coast Guard undertook a review of the Marker Buoy system of the Muskoka Lakes.

Mayor Susan Pryke filed a letter of resignation in order to join her husband in Australia. The Mayor made this decision after “much soul searching”   The MLA has appreciated the efforts the Mayor made to keep us apprised of issues at the local and district level. She was always willing to hear and consider our concerns and comments. We will miss her open door and friendly smile.

On October 13, 2009, the vacancy from Councillor Martin’s passing was officially declared vacant. Mayor Pryke’s position will be declared vacant on November 12, 2009. Council debated the options for filling the vacancies and opted for the appointment method rather than calling a by-election.  It was decided to fill the District Ward C and Mayor’s vacancies with a current member of Council and appoint an individual to fill the local seats.

At a Special Meeting of TML Council on October 15, Councillor Brian Hare was appointed to fill the vacancy for District Councillor Ward C. Mr. Hare indicated that it would be an honour to represent Ward C at the District of Muskoka.

Councillor Hare’s Muskoka Lakes Council Ward C seat will be declared vacant at the next scheduled TML Council meeting on November 3.  At this meeting the process to fill this vacancy and that of the individual who will be appointed to fill the Mayor’s position will be determined.