Township of Muskoka Lakes

Dear Ratepayers:
I am writing to ask your help regarding two safety issues that have been
created as a result of heavy snow in Muskoka Lakes Township.

The first relates to leaving vehicles and snowmobile trailers on the
travelled road. This not only creates a problem for snowplows but can create
a safety concern for other vehicles. It is illegal to park on the travelled
roadway. While we could have vehicles and trailers ticketed or towed, we
would prefer to have voluntary compliance. We would encourage everyone to
ensure that their parked vehicles are not blocking sightlines at
intersections and are safely off the roadway.

Second, the accumulation of snow over the last few weeks has left many 911
signs buried and/or unreadable. This makes life very difficult for emergency
services personnel and will lead to delays in resonding to emergencies.
Residents are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that 911
signage is installed at the end of the driveway and is visible from both
You assistance in spreading these messages would be greatly appreciated.
Susan Pryke