Summer 2015 will see second stage water quality monitoring near Minett

The Muskoka Lakes Association has announced that throughout the summer of 2015, the MLA and Ken Fowler Enterprises (KFE) will conduct parallel and complementary scientific studies to better understand water quality readings in Lake Rosseau’s Wallace Bay, near the village of Minett.

In the summers of 2013 and 2014, the MLA’s Water Quality Initiative recorded a series of elevated E.coli readings in Wallace Bay. The source of the elevated readings remains unknown.
The independent and collaborative second stage monitoring programs will allow the MLA and KFE to work toward a common goal of identifying potential sources of contamination. If any are identified, a remedial action plan will be developed and put in place.

The work is expected to conclude in September 2015, with results available early in the fall. Read the full press release here.

For our mid-season update, see here.

The MLA’s objective with the SSWQM study of Wallace Bay was to confirm the extent and/or continued presence of the elevated E.coli levels observed in previous years so that appropriate actions could be planned for as necessary. The MLA’s results will be contained within the annual 2015 MLA Water Quality Initiative Report which can be found here.

The MLA SSWQM study results confirm that water quality has improved from previous years and show a marked decrease in E.coli. However, there is one location that requires further examination at a site at the mouth of the creek between the Clevelands House property and Wallace Marina. The E.coli count at this station was recorded just over the Provincial Water Quality Objective (PWQO) of 100 counts. The MLA has determined that it is important to further investigate why this location has elevated levels of E.coli. Elevated E.coli counts could be the result of proximity to upstream wetlands, heavy rainfall during testing periods, increased population of waterfowl, human impacts or a combination of various factors.

The objective of the KFE study was to further investigate any onshore stressors that may be impacting Wallace Bay. Building on the MLA findings from previous years and the current MLA SSWQM study KFE is in the process of finalizing its study which will be released shortly.

“Consistent with the MLA’s long-standing Water Quality Initiative, the association will continue surface water sampling in Wallace Bay in 2016 and will closely monitor results,” said Michael Hart, President, Muskoka Lakes Association. “We look forward to reviewing KFE’s report alongside our own to better understand the elevated E.coli readings in Wallace Bay.”