MLA Water Level Management Task Force Update

What has The MLA Water Level Task Force (WLTF) been up to since the flood and ice of April 2016?

The WLTF has embarked on a number of different Initiatives in the last 6 months.

  • WLTF had been in direct contact with its members, local associations and political leaders.
  • Meetings were organized and completed with Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (MNRF) representative’s locally in Parry Sound / Muskoka District and at Queens Park through the Ministers’ office and Chief of Staff. The WLTF also met with Tony Clement and Norm Miller, our Muskoka region MP and MPP respectively.
  • In the 3rd week of April, a highly successful survey was sent out asking for conditions of shorefront, docks and boat houses. We had well over 1000 responses, with solid information on location and estimated damage amounts across the region. The District of Muskoka worked with the MLA to produce a series of maps of the damages.
  • Currently we are putting together a presentation to The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. We hope to have support of Lake Associations and major Muskoka organizations to give credibility to our request for re-examination of The Spring Freshet contributing factors.   
  • We met with hydrologists in Haliburton. The Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF) were very forthcoming and supportive. One of the take away from this meeting was that the CEWF is successful because they reached out to 30 associations therefore have representation of the entire watershed.  
  • We are resilient in our Queens Park MNRF initiatives, however, with a Minister change from the Premiers summer cabinet shuffle, we have been challenged! A connection with the new Chief of Staff has been established, and we are optimistic about more collaborative activity with MNRF.
  • The WLTF will not cease from its campaign of relationship building with the local MNRF at all levels. We are confident that this attitude will assist us in being involved in helping develop the new Muskoka Watershed Management Plan and short term actions to more effectively manage the spring water levels.

Lawton Osler, Vice-President and Chair of The MLA WLTF and Michael Hart, Past President and Founder MLA WLTF