Last NewsBites for 2016

With winter now in full force in Muskoka lots is happening around the municipalities leading up to the holiday season.  The December issue of NewsBites can be found here.

The District has been working on it’s Official Plan with new policy changes reflecting the challenge of balancing the environment with economic development, urban development versus rural and shoreline concerns, climate change, sustainability of resorts, the need for more affordable housing, an ever-increasing aging population and its effects, cottage rental issues and concerns, policy enforcement and backlot development.

In Gravenhurst, the Official Plan is in it’s final stages.  The MLA has provided many comments on it and is looking forward to it’s completion and implementation.

In Township of Muskoka Lakes, they have been discussing ward boundaries and council composition along with an approval for a sewage treatment plant at Touchstone.

And we’ll be starting to review the budgets in the municipalities and district first thing in the new year.

We hope you enjoy this issue of NewsBites.