The Muskoka Lakes Museum in Port Carling has been a fixture of the Muskoka scene for over forty years. Its mission is to present and interpret the history of Muskoka and especially of the first nations, pioneers, cottages, resorts, and the boatbuilding industry.


However, times and tastes change, and so it is important to make adjustments from time to time as we move forward. Today the Museum, and the leisure/tourism/cultural sector as a whole, are faced with competition for people?s leisure time; competition from other attractions; competition from new media like the internet, satellite television, home theatre, and so forth. They are also faced with competition for constrained grant and donation revenues which fund our activities.


The Museum is undertaking a Strategic Plan project, with the objective of refining its focus and ensuring its relevance to the citizens of, and visitors to, Muskoka. As part of this project, they wish to gather information from permanent and seasonal residents of Muskoka.


You are invited and encouraged to help by completing a simple online questionnaire. Please click on this link to go to  and click on the link for the Muskoka Lakes Museum Survey - RESIDENT.   When prompted for a username enter `muskoka`, and for password enter `museum`.  This will take you to a copy of the survey that can be completed and submitted online. Be assured that your responses will anonymous.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey you can contact: Perry Bowker, Muskoka Lakes Museum Board member and Project Manager, at 705-765-0242 or