Monitoring and Calculating Water Levels Yourself

To allow you to follow the water levels yourself, search for  "Water Office Canada" on the web (or click here) and you will start to open a real-time connection to water level gauges operated by Environment Canada. 

You should land on the “Water Level and Flow” page. 

  1. Click on "Real-Time Hydrometric Data". At some time you will be asked to agree with a page of a legal information
  2. Click on the "Station Search" button and fill in one of the stations below.  It is suggested that you enter each one separately, and then click on "View Report". We suggest you keep it simple and ignore the optional parameters until you become familiar with the site.Measurements are METRIC, in metres.
  3.  Select “Graph” and the graphical results for the last month will open.Note – this preliminary report will only show about a week’s worth of information.See Expanding the Date Range below for how to get more data.
  4. Alternatively, select “Table” and the actual readings for the selected period will become available.

Muskoka Water Level Monitoring STATIONS with Live Links:

  • Lake Muskoka (Bala Bay) at the Bala gauge is  02EB015
  • Lake Muskoka at the Beaumaris gauge is  02EB018
  • Lake Rosseau at the Upper Port Carling gauge is  02EB020 

The gauge graphs show automatic recordings that are updated frequently (10 times an hour) so for all intents and purposes, what you can see are the current levels.  


Scrolling down below each graph, there is a date range for the last month.  It is possible to change the 'Start Date' to take the graph back over the preceding 18 months so that you can see how lake levels have cycled over time (i.e., from fall 2015, through 2016 and then on to today).  Click on 'Apply' after changing a start date.

These graphical views are very illuminating with respect to annually changing water levels, the 2016 flood levels and then to current levels.

Hopefully this brief guideline will help you find the Environment Canada water level data on the main lakes.