MLA Seminars

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Seminars 2019

The MLA is a founding partner of Safe Quiet Lakes (SQL) which was formed in 2011. They work collaboratively with lake community stakeholders to promote safer and respectful boating. The MLA and SQL jointly developed the boaters code and SQL works closely with the OPP Marine Unit through the year. A Q&A will be available at this seminar and is your chance to speak directly to the OPP with any of your questions or concerns. An officer from the OPP Marine Unit will be there in person. Please join us with SQL as they spread the word to make the Muskoka Lakes safer and quieter to ensure the suitable enjoyment of a treasured shared resource.

Please RSVP to 705-765-5723 

Does your Muskoka include nature? 

The MLA is pleased to offer an informative and inspiring presentation by the Muskoka Conservancy on the importance of nature conservation in Muskoka.

Muskoka Conservancy Directors Barb Mason, Allyn Abbott and Margaret McLaren will shed light on issues like habitat fragmentation and species loss. Their presentation will highlight the roles we all can play in the conservation of nature in Muskoka.

Please RSVP to 705-765-5723

We are pleased to have Ann Curley from the Muskoka DIscovery Centre speak to us about the Watershed Wonders Exhibit. Ann will take us on the journey of how the Watershed exhibit came to life. This will include details on the process from start to finish. Ann will review components of the exhibit including an introduction to the Muskoka River Watershed and what Watershed is in general. Ann will also include some interesting facts, touch on endangered species, species at risk and much more! 

Please join us to learn what is next for the Muskoka Discovery Centre!

Please RSVP to 705-765-5723

All seminars are FREE for MLA members, $10 fee for non-members (free for kids).

Seminars in 2018

The Future of Resort Development in Muskoka
Sunday, July 15, 2018 – 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - Port Carling Community Centre

The MLA is pleased to offer a special information update on a most controversial topic; The Future of Resort Development in Muskoka. Regardless of where you are located in Muskoka, this issue has the ability to impact your property. As such, resort development has become the red-hot land use issue in Muskoka and, with an election scheduled this October, all Muskokans
need to be informed.

Anne McCauley, Chair of MLA’s Political Land Use Committee, has been leading the charge, in collaboration with our legal counsel, and will be talking about the latest information on this topic, what new resorts are being proposed or are under construction as well as answering your questions. Anne is a professional land use planner and will explain why some of the District and Township ideas are of concern and why they are not consistent with MLA values.
Members and the general public are equally welcome.

RSVP to 705-765-5723 or

Forests Ontario - Fight Against Climate Change

Saturday, August 18, 2018 – 10:30 a.m. - Bala Community Centre

Join us and meet Rob Keen, the CEO of Forest Ontario, as we explore the range of benefits that our forests provide, including the important role they play in the fight against climate change.

Free for MLA members, $10 fee for non-members (free for kids)
RSVP to 705-765-5723 or

Seminars in 2017

Come join us and meet with speaker Chris Cragg, Muskoka Lakes Association’s Chair of the Water Quality and Environment Committee and member of the Water Level Task Force, to learn about water level management in Muskoka. We’ll also explore tips about how to protect your cottage from flooding.

Get a close encounter with live reptiles! Come meet the Saving Turtles At Risk Today (START) team and learn everything there is to know about turtles. This is a family friendly presentation, with a chance to handle animals.

What to do in case of…? Join our panel of experts to learn and get ready for emergencies in cottage country. We will have the Fire Department, the Paramedic Services and the Emergency Planning all together; the three presentations will be followed by a Q & A session.

Seminars in 2016

Keeping the cottage in the family isn’t always easy. We will be addressing many issues from how the taxes will be paid, how best to transfer ownership and how to ensure that family harmony is maintained as the property gets passed down.

Join Steve Munro from Westwind Forest Stewardship as he talks about how you can prepare your property and your trees for the changing climate.  He will also discuss some best practices for backlot maintenance.

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Climate is changing in Muskoka just as it is changing elsewhere, and we are powerless to alter the trajectory by taking local action. Instead, we must adapt to the changes coming, while supporting the global actions that need to take place if we are to avert truly serious changes in climate later in this century. To adapt effectively, we must plan ahead and be proactive.

Dr. Sale will talk about the likely mid-century climate and how it is likely to impact our lives. He will explain why careful planning and action are needed by individuals as well as by government, and how we might act to retain the special environment we all value highly.

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See the full video presentation on YouTube here.