Our Team

Officers 2018-2019

Lawton Osler - President
Bob Ensor- Past President
Deborah Martin-Downs - Vice President
Larry Johns - Treasurer
Peter Hand - Secretary
Deborah Martin-Downs - Government & Land Use Chair
Chris Cragg Water Quality & Environment Chair
Penny Middleton Community Program Chair
Laurie Munro - Communications & Membership Chair

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Directors 2018- 2019

Jane Armstrong

Susan Carson

Chris Cragg

Jim Davis

Bob Ensor

Geoffrey Goad

Peter Hand

Larry Johns

Ruth Marland

Deborah Martin-Downs

Anne McCauley

Walter McCormick

Penny Middleton

Laurie Munro

Lawton Osler

Frank Pottow

Rob Randall

Stephen Sims

Honorary Officers

Jack Fenn - President Emeritus
Joan Booth - Honorary President
Robert G.V. Purves - Honorary Commodore

Walter McCormick- Commodore



Arlene Reville - General Manager

Chelsea Callard - Administrative Coordinator

Sandy Tozer-Spence - Public Affairs

Back Row: L to R - Walter McCormick, Rob Randal, Michael Hart, Catharine Inniss, Sean Weir, Joan Booth, Laurie Munro, Chris Cragg, Robb Hindson
Middle Row: L to R - Chelsea Callard (Staff), Sandy Tozer - Spence (Staff), Larry Johns, Bob Ensor, John Bowlby, Susan Carson 
Front Row: L to R - Peter Hand, Arlene Reville (Staff), Deborah Martin - Downs, Stephen Sims, Lawton Osler, Jim Davis, Penny Middleton

Absent: Ruth Marland, Anne McCauley